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Gimme Gimme [Sep. 8th, 2008|07:27 pm]
Girls with big feet


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The Lance Flex Pump is finally available in my size, and I don't have any money for it!

Why am I being punished so?! Why, why, why?!

Lance Flex Point in Merlot

I know that I have very similar heels stored at my New Jersey home. However, this style literally has my name on it. How crazy sexy cool it would be to wear a pair of great shoes that feature one's name?

It would be awesomely crazy sexy cool, that's what!

--Lance, xoxoxox

[User Picture]From: pkbarbiedoll
2008-09-09 11:39 am (UTC)
those shoes look painful. :(
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[User Picture]From: nmechmpin
2008-09-10 04:41 am (UTC)

Hurt So Good


The picture probably makes the shoes appear more daunting than they are.

I have similar styles, and I love them. Of course, I haven't had the fun of putting on the true Lance style. Thus, I simply imagine them feeling like Heaven on Earth. hee, hee

Thanks for replying. Be well.

--Lance, xoxox
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[User Picture]From: save
2008-11-11 01:24 am (UTC)
I actually came digging for this community, the name of which I can never remember even though it's so obvious, just to ask your opinion on a site's repute. Have you ever heard of All Heels for Men? I'm a lady with actual big feet (I wear a 12 in men's, which is an inch or more too long but only just wide enough, usually), and I'm always desperately digging for, like, ballet flats. I'm too tall to feel awesome in heels.

Anyway, this site has some great, simple ballet flats in lots of sizes, but I'm not familiar with them and they don't seem super established. Thoughts? Any experience? You seem to go for more tasteful shoes than the ones they sell (the ones in this post are lovely), but I thought I'd check, anyway.
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[User Picture]From: nmechmpin
2008-11-12 09:18 pm (UTC)

internet shoe shopping recommendations


Thank you for writing to me. I haven't been to that website in years. I had forgotten about it. I am happy to see that the website has expanded their offerings.

I've never purchased from that website. I have purchased one of the boots they offer from an eBay seller. I do most of my shopping from eBay and Payless. The shoes on the All Heels for Men website can easily be found on eBay, often for low expense.

If I have also purchased from the Amazon.com and Zappos.com website. They tend to be more expensive than my first two shopping choices, but I've always been happy with the transactions.

By the way, there is no such thing as being "too tall" for high heels. If folks (aka guys) has a problem with your extra height, that is their problem. Not yours.

I am 5' 4". Even if I dated a tall WNBA player, I'd want her to wear high heels. I don't just mean F*ck Me Pumps. I love low heels, wedges, and platforms too.

If you want to wear high heels, I say, "GO FOR IT!!!"

(I also say, "Pictures please." ;-)

That's all for now. Feel free to contact me if you ever want to offer website suggestions or have shopping questions.

Thanks for the compliment about my taste in shoes too.

--Lance, xoxox
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